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We offer used equipment from our rental stock for sale on a regular basis. If you are interested in purchasing items from the listings you find here, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to supply you with an individualized price quote.

Additionally, you can also purchase the new equipment of a wide range of leading manufacturers directly from werner audio. Please contact us for further information and pricing.


01 Used Equipment

Tascam MD-801R Minidisc-Recorder350 €1)
Tascam MD-301 Minidisc-Recorder180 €1)
Tascam DA-30 MkII Dat-Recorder Studio450 €1)
Pioneer TX 606 FM-Tuner analog, US-Design klassisch70 €1)
NAD 6100 Tape-Deck HiFi Topklasse200 €1)
MAJOR TL140 / Powerlift 80Kg/ 4m450 €1)
K+MLautsprecherstativ alu20 €1)
K+M Mikrofonstativ Galgen gross silber und schwarz20 €1)
K+M Mikrofonstativ Galgen klein, silber15 €1)
19" Holzrack 8HE+Mischpult-Schräge mit Haubencase450 €1)
BSS SW9010 Soundweb "Jellyfish"400 €1)
BSS SW9088LL Soundweb DSP-Proc.1.100,00 €1)
Symetrix 511A Denoiser (2-Kanal)300 €1)
Sabine FBX 900 Feedback-Filter150 €1)
Tapco C 100 (10/2 , 2x 150W) Powermixer in Case150 €1)
SPL Vtalizer stereo200 €1)
Yamaha PM 1516 (16/4/4) Mischpult inkl. Case inkl. 2x PSU800 €1)
Yamaha M2000-32 (32+4/8/3) Mischpult inkl. Case inkl. 2x PSU2.000,00 €1)
Shure U4D UHF-Doppelempfänger (Frequenzband MA) inkl. 2x Shure U1 Taschensender und 2x Shure U2 Handsender mit SM58 Kapsel800 €1)
Shure U4D UHF-Doppelempfänger (Frequenzband MB) inkl. 2x Shure U1 Taschensender und 2x Shure U2 Handsender mit 87C Kapsel800 €1)



1) All given prices are unit prices in Euros and do not include the applicable local sales tax in Berlin, Germany. werner audio reserves the right to an interim sale.