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Catalogue of our Rental Equipment

This catalogue contains a limited selection of the wide range of equipment that we can offer our customers on a rental basis. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.


05 Microphones DI-Unit

AKG C419B Kondensator Anklemmmikrofo. inkl. Preamp
AKG C401 Kondensator Tonabnehmer
AKG C402 Kondensator Tonabnehmer
AKG C414 B XLS Großmembran Kondensator Mikrofon, inkl. elastischer Halterung, Poppschutz, Windschutz
Beyerdynamic CK706, Richtrohrmikrofon
Alphaton SM 50 DI Box passiv
Alphaton SM 500 DI Box passiv
Alphaton SM 60 DI Box aktiv
Kv2 Audio JK1 Active DI-Box
Kv2 Audio JK2 Two Channel Active DI-Box
Kv2 Audio JKA Acoustic-Active DI-Box
Kv2 Audio JKT Tone & Noise Generator
LD Systems LDI 02 aktive DI Box
Radial JD-6 (6-Kanal Di-Box passiv, 19")
ProCo IT1 Line Trafo
ProCo MS3 Mic-Splitter 1 auf 3
Countryman Type 85 FET DI Box
ARX DI-Box USB-DI-VC Stereo, inkl. USB-Leitung
Werner Audio Stereo DI-Box, inkl. Miniklinke 3,5mm / XLR
VdB Carbonfiber Mikrofonangel



Lighting Equipment

And if you're interested in renting lighting equipment for your event, you can either get in touch with us directly or contact our trusted colleagues at MAS / SHOWTECH Berlin.