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Catalogue of our Rental Equipment

This catalogue contains a limited selection of the wide range of equipment that we can offer our customers on a rental basis. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.


01 Mixing Desk Digital

DiGiCo SD-12`96 Digitalmischpult, inkl. Optocore, Firmware V1090 Core2
YAMAHA Rio 3224-D2, 32 Input/16 Output + 4 x AES/EBU, Stagerack, inkl. Netzleitung
DiGiCo Orange Box Format Converter mit 2x DMI-Slot und 2x PSU zur Konvertierung von / nach: Dante, Hydra, MADI (BNC), MADI (RJ45), Optocore, Aviom, ADC, DAC, AES, SoundGrid
DiGiCo SD-Rack with 32Bit Input/Output Karten, für SD9/SD12/SD8/SD5/SD7, Madi/Optocore, 56 In/40 Out/8 (stereo) AES Out, inkl. APC Smart USV / 1000VA
DiGiCo SD-7Q Digitalmischpult (Quantum-Version, 12x Analog IN, 12x Analog OUT, 1x Tastatur), 2x Netgear Switch GS108
YAMAHA CL-5 digitales Tonmischpult, 72+8/24, 8+8+8+8+2 Fader, im Case, inkl. Netzleitung
DiGiCo S21 Digitalmischpult inkl. Dual MADI RJ45 Karte / Dual MADI BNC Karte, im Case, Firmware V2.4
DiGiCo SD-11 Digitalmischpult (48/8/24), Firmware V1090 Core2
DiGiCo SD-9 Full-Version Digitalmischpult (40/8/16), Firmware V1090 Core2
DiGiCo SD-8 Digitalmischpult (48/24/2), inkl. Optocore- & WAVES-Schnittstelle, Dust-Cover, Firmware V1090 Core2
DiGiCo SD-5 Digitalmischpult, inkl. Optocore-Schnittstelle, Firmware V1090 Core 2
DiGiCo SD-Rack für SD9/SD8/SD5/SD7, Madi/Optocore, 56 In/40 Out/16 AES Out, inkl. APC Smart USV / 1000VA
DiGiCo D2-Rack für S21/SD-11/SD-9, 48 In/24 Out, Cat5e I/O, 96kHz
DiGiCo D-Rack für SD-9/SD-11/S21, 1x CAT5e I/O, 32x Mic/Line In, 16x Line Out, 2x PSU, inkl. 75m CAT5-Trommel
DiGiCo DigiRack für SD5/SD7/SD8/SD9, Madi/Optocore, 56 In/24 Out
DiGiCo DigiRack für SD5/SD7/SD8/SD9, Madi/Optocore, 48 In/16 Out
DiGiCo DigiRack für SD5/SD7/SD8/SD9, Madi, 48 In/40 Out/8 AES/EBU
DiGiCo MadiRack für SD-8, 48x Mic/Line In, 24x Line Out
DiGiCo Little Blue Box MADI-Splitter, inkl. 2m CAT5e-Leitung
DiGiCo Little Red Box CAT5/MADI-Interface, inkl. 2m CAT5e Kabel



Lighting Equipment

And if you're interested in renting lighting equipment for your event, you can either get in touch with us directly or contact our trusted colleagues at MAS / SHOWTECH Berlin.